Arts-Based Practices for Dynamic Leadership

July 23, 2019 @ 6:00PM — August 20, 2019 @ 9:00PM

Learn new arts-based strategies for team-building, reflection and visioning that will enliven and focus your community!

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There are FOUR workshops in this series. Sign up for however many you wish, or choose all four for a $20 discount!

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Each gathering will begin at 6pm with a dinner for gathering and connection and then at 7pm a two-hour experiential session which will consist of both (a) instruction on how to facilitate practices and (b) experiences of those practices. Participants are encouraged to arrive at 6 for a meal and conversation, however those that can only arrive at 7 are welcome.

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Workshops are sponsored by the BTS Center (in partnership with ARC: Arts | Religion | Culture) with financial assistance made possible through generous donations to the Walker Center.

Session 1 (July 23rd): Theatre of the Oppressed and Creating What Comes Next

Dinner 6-7pm; session 7-9pm

We’ll mostly work with a modified form of “Image Theater” from Augusto Boal’s visionary Theatre of The Oppressed, learning a bit about where the forms came from, some short movement and theatre exercises that can help groups get ready to engage the practice, and ways to use it for organizational culture-building as well as visioning.

Session 2 (July 30th): Seeing New Ways and Being New Ways

Dinner 6-7pm; session 7-9pm

This session has a primarily visual orientation. Participants are encouraged to bring their cell phones and/or cameras for activities that will help encourage groups to pause and think about how there can be more than one way to look a situations, each other, and ways that things that can seem like challenges might lead the way to new opportunities.

Session 3 (August 13th): Poetry, Community, and Building Each Other Up

Dinner 6-7pm; session 7-9pm

Because of the way schools often teach poetry, many people end up feeling like they don’t like it, or that that “don’t get it.” In this session we’ll explore some of the ways in which creative and poetic ways of working with words can be a part of group processes for connection and helping us to develop new ways of coming at familiar topics.

Session 4 (August 20th): Storytelling, Listening, and the Sound of the Genuine

Dinner 6-7pm; session 7-9pm

Inspired by Howard Thurman’s idea of “the sound of the genuine,” this session will be a balance of exercises for helping people to share their stories and to better listen with depth to others as they share theirs. When we can better share with others what inspires us and who has helped us get to where we are, we build up our ability to help each other along to where we are going.

About the Workshop Leader

Callid Keefe-Perry is the Executive Director of ARC: Arts | Religion | Culture, a traveling minister in the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), and a long-time advocate for the arts as ways of deepening spiritual practice. He has been a public school teacher, was the co-founder of a community improv theater in Rochester, NY, and is the former Coordinator of the Transformative Language Arts Network. He thinks it is OK for religious people to laugh a lot, that power cedes nothing without demands, and that creativity is a vital quality of adaptive and effective leadership.